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I am a spiritual advisor to individuals of exceptional wealth. Offering bespoke, intuitive guidance & energetic calibration for private clients. Based in Canada, I work with client across the globe both remotely and in person.

My firm specializes in all spiritual and personal matters associated with the acquisition, inheritance or dependency on exceptional wealth. From concerns about how to have your own identity as part of your dynasty right through to how to teach your children how to deal with the unique pressures that come with the label of ‘rich’.

Whether you’re a family elder or newly successful entrepreneur, I will not only help you connect with your own path but also help you thrive as you walk it. I bring extensive experience and professionalism to every client and customize support to your individual needs and concerns.

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Areas of Practice

FEATURED: Legacy & Impact

Support + guidance around respecting traditions while forming your own legacy in alignment with your own sacred purpose. It is important to honour what has come before in order to go forward with awareness as this affects current lines and future generations. Read more about my Legacy Work here.


Calling your energy back to you so that you can take action in your life with clear direction + precision and reduce the influence of other dominant forces or personalities in your life today.

intuitive support

Providing a space for you to connect with all of your helpers and guides in this world and beyond. This includes but is not limited to card readings, matrix work and other ancient and traditional intuitive methods.


Support + guidance around sacred giving in ways that honours your ethos to create the change you want to see in the world, and help in the greater way that your wealth affords you.

confidence and connection

Connecting with your inner centre of worthiness so that you can build community and authentic, lasting relationships that, in turn, amplify your wealth + experience of love in all ways.

wealth & succession

Uncovering what wealth means to you and your family + navigating the conversations to pass those values down the family line.

Energetics of Managing Exceptional Wealth (Inherited & Acquired)

Together, we explore the ways that you want to work with your wealth to leave a worthwhile legacy. And, develop a clear energetic picture of how you can manage your wealth with focused purpose and see the returns in multiple ways. Return on investment does not always show up as more money in the bank.

Every time I see you I feel like I am getting my own Super Soul Sunday session.
— A client moment


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