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It's time to gather, Rich Witches.The Rich Witch Coven is opening it's fireside to you again...

The fire is set. It's time for us to walk the path together to Activate the Witch's Honey Pot in our lives and the lives of others. We heal the wounds of our ancestors to create space for true prosperity. We will activate our magnetic beacons and set them to Rich Witch FM. This coven is for witches

...who want the support of sisters as she shifts and grows

...who want to put the witch's money wound to rest

...who want to define prosperity by their own standards

...who want to work with LRD outside of the personalized one-on-one Rich Witch Program

...who want access to potent modern witches creating powerful change in the world today

...who want to invite the Divine Feminine into the money honey conversation

...who want to take money off the pedestal and move it to the altar where we can engage with that sweet energy

...who know that Love is Money and wants to put that into practice

...who want to develop a healthy relationship with money and put positive practices into place

...who want to dive into their money honey story in a safe space


...who wants to handle her cash like a Queen and confidence


The Rich Witch Coven is a sacred container for Rich Witches to gather to learn from each other and mentors.

This coven is being called into life because many of you have reached expressing the desire to work in a more intimate and guided way with me. I will bring the medicine that I share with my private clients to the coven and work with you.


We are gathering to activate the Witch's Honey Pot as a coven. Alongside LRD's constant love and guidance, you will have access to guest mentorship from Lisa Lister, Sarah Durham Wilson, Brandie Kohl, Lucy Sheridan, Danielle Dulsky, and Vix Maxwell when each sacred witch leads us in circle.


When we gather, we heal ourselves and others. As a way of honouring the work that we will do together and to carry on the message that we move from a place of compassion in action, 10% of the tuition for the Rich Witch Coven is donated to TreeSisters to help with reforestation and the rewilding of the human experience. Learn more about TreeSisters work in this video.

This is an activating experience where you will be held in sacred space with your Rich Witch sisters. You will be heard. You will be seen. You will be guided by the divine, your coven, and your heart.

In our time together, as part of your Rich Witch Coven experience, we will gather for many Coven Calls led by LRD plus bonus of circles with guest mentors

Calls in the past have included:

Circle 1: Healing the Witch's Money Wound + Money Needs Clarity

  • Open Circle
  • Truth Telling
  • Council
  • Bespoke Money Activation Ritual


Circle 2: Clear Money Shame with Kali + Money Activation

  • Bye Bye Money Shame with LRD
  • Invoke Kali + Ritual
  • Council Bespoke Money Activation Homework


Circle 3: Calling your Rich Witch Home w Lakshmi + Money Activation

  • Sacred Space with LRD
  • Invoke Lakshmi + Ritual
  • Bespoke Money Activation Homework

Circle 4: Honour your creativity with Saraswati + Money Activation

Circle 5: Protect your boundaries with Durga + Money Activation

  • Invoke Durga + Ritual
  • Council
  • Bespoke Money Activation Homework

Circle 6: Speak your truth with Medusa - I am a Rich Witch - Close the Circle

  • Invoke Medusa + Ritual
  • Council - Ask questions + share stories + announcing unbreakable vows
  • Close circle


As part of your Rich Witch Coven experience you will receive the following to support the Circle wisdom:

  • Weekly office hours with LRD in Zoom where you can be seen + heard.
  • Potent magic in our time together in circle with our communion full of actionable tips, heart to heart sacred work, ritual, and council.
  • We will gather using online resources. And, for the working witches that can not attend the circle live, there will be replays available for you to access.
  • Private Coven Members site
  • Access to a secret FB Group where we can continue the conversation and support each other. I will be present and active in the space.
  • Access to exclusive content via our membership LRD & Guest Mentors ---> released as we move through the journey.
  • Monthly Council Calls where we gather as a Coven to share, be seen, and be heard.
  • Weekly Card Pulls + Love updates from LRD in the FB Group



The sacred container has opened and the sacred work has begun. Our doors open again on october 31st

Book in for a tea date with lrd to learn more

Single payment: $777 CDN (approx $609 USD/466£)