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Zhang Xin and Elon Musk live in different countries and run very different businesses but what ties them together is that their empires they have built leaves a significant legacy that is not marked just by wealth but by the impact + contributions to humanity.

What is your businesses legacy?

Imagine taking action like Elon Musk when he decided to help Puerto Rico rebuild their energy grid after the devastation of Hurricane Maria in 2017. His first project there was to restore power to a children’s hospital. The decision to take on this project shifted Tesla’s commercial plans to fund helping Puerto Rico. This was a labour of love dedicated to humanity that added to Musk’s and Tesla’s legacy.

We spend so much time creating, innovating, and maintaining our businesses that oftentimes how we are seen and self-identify is deeply entwined with our creations. For this reason, it’s integral that from the ground up that we consider our businesses legacy.

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How will your business be remembered by humanity?

Jon and Tracy Stuart were both living large lives that on paper would seem to be enough. However, when Jon announced his retirement for the Daily Show, it was a new beginning for their whole family. They opened up a vegan animal sanctuary giving their lives more purpose and an ability to live in alignment beyond the wealth and fame.

How does your business touch the lives of your employees beyond finances?

Imagine the moment when Zhang XIn decided to create the SOHO China Scholarships where she pledged to endow $100 million in financial aid scholarships to Chinese undergraduates students attending leading international universities. Her action was one that heavily invested in the future by investing in minds of future generations.

When you are down to the bone tired, what keeps you running your business beyond the bottom line?

#GIRLBOSS Sofia Amaruso started from the bottom and rides the whole entrepreneurial roller coaster of success. One of her many successes includes creating the #GIRLBOSS Foundation where she grants funding to female creatives building their own entrepreneurial dream.   

Legacy work is just as integral to your business as it is to your family. They are entwined. It’s time to live a wholly integrated life.


Together we can explore what legacy means to your and businesses. We can navigate the delicate moments when you align your sacred purpose with action.

Areas of focus that clients would like to leave a legacy include but are not limited to supporting diversity and inclusion, the arts, animal conservation, ocean clear ups, reforestation and sustainability, reducing poverty, giving back locally, supporting the voices of indigenous peoples, caring for elderly people.

These private conversations can happen 1-1 preparing you to implement the changes. They can happen with your executive teams so that everyone is operating from the same space. You get to decide.

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