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Rich Witch Council: Activate the Witch's Honey Pot
11:00 AM11:00

Rich Witch Council: Activate the Witch's Honey Pot

Gather with us, Sister. We are coming together to start healing the Witch's Money Wound. And, this isn't just about money honey. This is about embracing prosperity in all areas of our lives. Moving from a place of "making money" to RECEIVING. We are coming together to start the conversation and to activate the Witch's Honey Pot. 

You can expect to receive -----> Actionable tips, money activation practice, and to sit in council with your Rich Witch sisters. 

This is free & heartfelt offering!

Save your seat at the fire and invite your sisters: 

Love bombs from my heart to yours, 

LRD: The Modern Money Witch


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Rich Witch Circle - Live
4:00 PM16:00

Rich Witch Circle - Live

It is time for us to gather in the flesh. Rich Witches, we are coming together to call your rich witch home. 

For 4 weeks, we will gather in circle as sisters to put in the sacred work of clearing stories that no longer serve us and activating our magnet force for abundance and prosperity. 

You can expect meditations, activating rituals, sitting in council, and anything else that Goddess calls us to do. This is a time for us to charge our energy and move forward with our heart's desire. Come and have a front row seat at the Rich With fire. 

This is a call to the witches and sisters out there feeling the call to gather. This is call to the witches and sisters out there wanting to be of service to the highest good in themselves for this world. This is a call to the maidens, mothers and crones out there to come gather. Your stories and your heart are welcome. 

When we come together magic happens...for all of us and the world around us. 

This circle will run for 4 weeks starting Jan 18, 2017. Every Wednesday from 4-5pm. Arrive 10 mins early. The circle opens at 4 pm. 

This is a pre-registered gathering so that we can keep the container sacred and potent. Register by contacting Curriebird Studios at

The cost for the 4 week cycle is $88 CDN.

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Rich Witch: Sacred Spaces - FB Live
11:00 AM11:00

Rich Witch: Sacred Spaces - FB Live


Light a candle, pull up a mat, and get comfy where ever you are for the launch of the Rich Witch community. We will dive into the topic of Sacred Spaces within and without of ourselves. When we honour offer ourselves and our creative work to the divine feminine and all her faces, we are inviting prosperity into our lives. And, that is money honey in the bank. Bring a curious mind and an open heart as we dive into the meaning of #loveismoney ❤️ 
The event will stream live in the Rich Witch community. Join the Rich Witch community here:

Jai Lakshmi!!

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