Rich Witch Forecast - October 2018

The Rich Witch Forecast combines the power of astrology, tarot, and sigils to provide you with a complete cosmic checkup, remedy & prescription for all your prosperity needs. The Forecast is your guide on how to prepare for the cosmic weather outside and the sigils give you the remedy + the potent magick to support you. Astrology + tarot powered by Brittnay Kay Chaplin/Lilith Moon Astrology. Sigil and Spell Rx powered by LRD: The Modern Money Witch.

September was our shedding. October is our birthing. We have to release and let go of the things that do not serve us in order to make room for all the abundance that the Universe has in store for us. September we released. Now it’s time to get serious about calling in what it is that we truly want. We start the month off with both Mars and Venus making trines to Pluto that will help us get in touch with what it is we truly want to call in. Libra season has us seeking balance, harmony, peace, and love in all areas of our life. With Mars and Venus working with Pluto, we’ll get a taste of what our deepest desires are. Mars will light up what it is you truly want and then Venus will come in and help you figure out how to ask for it. 





On October 5th, we have the Full Moon at 12 degrees Aries as well as a conjunction between Venus and Mars. This is easily one of the most powerful Full Moons of the year with this conjunction. Mars rules the Full Moon and Venus rules the New Moon in Libra on the 19th. Those deep desires that Pluto stirred up with it’s trines, what are you going to do to see them through? The focus is very much so on our relationships this month due in large part to this powerful aspect between Mars and Venus. Libra season already has us tuned in more to the other than ourselves, so this just adds more fuel to the fire. What do your relationships look like? How are they or aren’t they supporting you in what it is you truly want to call in? Our relationships are mirrors for the deepest parts of ourselves. It’s no wonder that Lilith came through in the card reading for this month. She wants us to dive into the shadow pieces of ourselves that show up in relationship. Not so that we can have something else that we need to ‘fix’ or work on, but so that we can see it, honor it, and worship the parts of ourselves that make us who we are. Our shadow, our cracks, those are the places where our light shines through. What is it that you need to do in order to love yourself as unconditionally as you love others? What reflections are you receiving from your relationships that show you where you’re not honoring and respecting what you truly need and desire? What action steps do you need to take to bring this into balance in your life? 




Jupiter enters Scorpio on October 10th. The planet of joy and abundance only changes signs once a year, so this is a big one as well. Think back 12 years ago and whatever was going on in your life then can give you a feel for what themes and patterns you’ll be working with again. We’ve grown and learned a lot since then, so hopefully we can view what’s coming up from a new perspective. Jupiter in Scorpio goes deep. That’s one of the beautiful things about Scorpio, they’re not afraid to dive into the depths of pretty much everything. The Chariot card is the perfect compliment for Jupiter’s big move into Scorpio. The abundance that awaits you is just around the corner, you have to put the work in if you want to make it there, though. Scorpio doesn’t cut corners on it’s deep dive. What one thing can you do every day to move you towards your goals and visions? What needs to change in your relationships to bring you closer to balance that you seek? These are the questions that will come up over and over this month. Embrace them, work with them, answer them. Baby steps will bring us to our wildest dreams. 




mportant dates and transits to note this month. Each of these brings focus to a different area of your life depending on where these planets fall in your chart. If you’re interested in learning how to use your chart and the current transits to help guide you on your path, you can book a reading with Brittany HERE

Oct 1 - Mars trine Pluto 

Opportunity for energetic transformation

Oct 3 - Venus trine Pluto 

Opportunity for deepening of love

Oct 5 - Full Moon at 12 Aries 

Venus (ruler of the Sun in Libra) conjunct Mars (ruler of the Full Moon, 12 Aries) 

Shed what is ready to be released so you can call in the deepest of loves with fierce courage.

Oct 8 - Mercury conjunct Sun 

New ways of communicating your core desires and needs

Oct 9 - Mercury and Sun square Pluto 

New structures around communication and self-expression after the transformation

Oct 10 - Jupiter enters Scorpio 

Deep dive into our ability to receive abundance in all areas of our lives for the next 12 months

Oct 11 - Mars square Saturn 

Impasse between our desires and perceived limitations. Baby steps.

*Look to 22 degrees of Gemini - Virgo - Sagittarius - Pisces in your chart to see where you will feel this most prominently.

Oct 14 - Venus enters Libra 

The Goddess comes Home. All things love, relationship, harmony, peace, and beauty become much smoother.

Oct 15 - Mercury opposite Uranus 

New, explosive thoughts, ideas, insights that seem to come out of nowhere. Pay attention to those ideas and root the ones that make you feel expansive. 

* Look to 26 degrees of Libra - Aries in your chart to see where you will feel this most prominently.

Oct 17 - Mercury enters Scorpio 

Communication, thoughts, movement get deeper, more intense, more passionate. 

Oct 18 - Mercury conjunct Jupiter 

Big expansion and growth around asking for what it is you want from this life. Don’t play small anymore.

Oct 19 - New Moon in Libra exactly opposite Uranus 

Freedom. You can have it all. All you have to do is ask. Unconditional love can be explosive and expansive.

Oct 22 - Mars enters Libra

The other. Our will, our assertion is rerouted from ourselves to the other. It’s going to be a bit challenging to fight for ourselves but you better believe that you’re going to fight for those you love and care about right now. 

Oct 23 - Sun enters Scorpio 

Sex, death, money, politics, regeneration… No more surface level talk. We’re getting down to the nitty gritty. And it’s going to be fun and dark and twisty. Happy Birthday, Scorpios!

Oct 24 - Mercury trine Neptune

Time to communicate your feelings, needs, desires, dreams.  

Oct 26 - Sun in Scorpio conjunct Jupiter 

New beginnings. Perfect time to start new projects that honor your deepest desires.

Oct 28 - Venus square Pluto 

It’s time to act. All month we’ve communicated, listened, honored our desires and needs. Now, go out and get them met.

* Look to 17 degrees of Aries - Cancer - Libra – Capricorn in your chart to see where you will feel this most prominently.  

You are now prepped for this month's cosmic prosperity weather! 

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Rich Witch Forecast - September 2017

The Rich Witch Forecast combines the power of astrology, tarot, and sigils to provide you with a complete cosmic checkup, remedy & prescription for all your prosperity needs. The Forecast is your guide on how to prepare for the cosmic weather outside and the sigils give you the remedy + the potent magick to support you. Astrology + tarot powered by Pisceanna Priestess. Sigil and Spell Rx powered by LRD: The Modern Money Witch.


How about that retrograde eclipse season?! Although the eclipse season is thankfully finished, we still have a bunch of retrograde energies in the sky. Below you will find your Retrograde Roadmap to navigate September and integrate and recalibrate your mind (Neptune Rx), body (Pluto Rx) and soul (Uranus Rx).

WhatsApp Image 2017-09-08 at 6.08.49 PM.jpeg


Uranus continues to shake things up in September. Is it any wonder that the Transformation card wants our attention? In case you missed the memo: EVERYTHING IS CHANGING. Although this can feel scary and uncomfortable, the good news is, Uranus is in some hella supportive positions to help facilitate these transitions.

Uranus Rx starts out the month by carrying over the harmonious energies with Saturn in Sagittarius that started in August. This placement continues to support us working through higher learning to help overcome obstacles in our life. Whether that be making time for reading books or taking courses in different modalities, know that whatever higher learning you choose to invest your energy in will be beneficial in the long run in bringing about transition. The transformation card is all about finding the access point to a new state of consciousness and understanding.

Uranus Rx also trines Mercury, Mars and the collective North Node in Leo, encouraging us to put ourselves first (easier said than done right? You know who you are). By putting yourself first, you can reevaluate old beliefs and thought patterns which will help move you forward to your highest potential. Uranus will continue to test elements of our lives which are standing in the way of higher learning and focusing on ourselves.

By Mid-month Virgo season is in full swing, and if you capitalized on the Me First energies of Leo from the beginning of September, now as Mars and Mercury shift into Virgo, you are able to harness the critical Virgo mindset and uncover where your true priorities lie. On September 11, Uranus is in aspect to the Virgo Sun which brings hard learned wisdom or unique opportunities for knowledge. There is a hard opposition to Jupiter in Libra throughout the month, signalling that some relationships around you may bring up difficulties as you continue to step into your power. Not everyone, sadly, will understand or be supportive of this transformative journey at all times. In fact sometimes those around us lash out against the change. For some relationships, Uranus might shift the dynamic by presenting new conditions to work through for growth, for others Uranus might just slam the door in their face, lock the deadbolt, and set the alarm.






Do you remember the Rich Witch Forecast on Neptune Retrograde?

This Neptune Retrograde asked us to close our eyes, take a deep breath and descend into the murky Neptunian waters to see what we find, and to trust in that descent, even though it is scary. Here we are at the midway point of Neptune retrograde and the descent,
after doing a cannonball  into the water. That was the relatively easy part. But now, Neptune would like to test just how committed to the trust game we are. Insert Shark swimming towards us here.

Neptune has some tough aspects this month. It starts out in a square to Saturn which tries to impact our psychological game. I mean who wouldn’t panic? You are under water and a shark is swimming towards you. Fear and paranoia are pretty natural in this scenario. You start to think “oh em gee what am I doing down here?! How could I think I was strong enough to do this? I was silly to think I could achieve all my hopes and dreams. Am I crazy? They all think i’m crazy. Well am I crazy? I sound crazy…” Here is the thing sweet angel, there is no shark. Not a real one anyways. Your ego is the shark, and no small one, especially as Neptune Rx is in opposition to the hyper critical Virgo Sun at this time. Trusting in yourself and your abilities with such a nasty creature floating around is no easy task.

Throughout the rest of the month, Neptune continues its difficult transits to Mars, Mercury and Venus in Virgo which stir up feelings of inadequacy, comparison, falling victim to old money wounds, illusions and confusion (Don’t shoot the messenger!).

As with most hardships set forth in the sky, this is not because we are being bullied by the Cosmos. Adversity brings opportunity. Neptune sextiles Pluto the entire month, which confirms that the Neptune transit brings opportunity for our ultimate transformation. The card for Neptune Rx is the Wheel of Fortune.

A reminder that all things in life have cycles, and this too shall pass. Life may be good or bad at any given moment, the key is to learn in the low and show gratitude in the high. When the shark is swimming towards you, do not swim up in panic, keep calm and descend deeper. Look for lessons and opportunities in the struggle and know that YOU ALONE are the creator of your existence. Be the Wheel of Fortune. High. Low. Alchemize. Rinse. Repeat.



I TRUST IN MY WORTH_triangles.png



Pluto, the planet of transformation (do you sense a theme yet?), knows that transformation can sure be hard work. Luckily, Pluto’s current transit in Capricorn gives us the tools to get down to business. Capricorn is hardworking, diligent, responsible and ambitious. Much like the tarot’s Emperor. Capricorn is also the sign of business, government and societal structures so Pluto in this sign really wants us to get the larger configuration of our lives worked out, especially with our career, money honey and spiritual businesses.

Pluto trines the North Node in Leo for all of September, supporting us in our journey towards our true purpose and due North. Pluto also trines the sun, which brings all of the deep intensity of slow moving Pluto to the daily details of life in the Virgo Sun. On September 17, Pluto Rx trines both Mercury and Mars
which will have also moved into the sign of Virgo. Mercury amps up our intellect during this transit, making it easy to get mentally organized for whatever plan has been in the works, and Mars, gets us back to the razor sharp focus that is needed to implement our brain child.

The Emperor Card calls on us to reinforce clarity and direction in our lives by bringing our divine masculine to the forefront in order to embrace a benevolent and authoritative mindset. The emperor exudes power, intelligence, stability and action. Call on the Emperor’s energies if you feel like you need help getting your ducks in a row. Between the Emperor, Pluto in Capricorn and the many planets in Virgo, those duckies will align toot sweet if they know what is good for them!




You are now prepped for this month's cosmic prosperity weather! 

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Rich Witch Forecast

Rich Witch Forecast combines the power of astrology, tarot, and sigils to prepare you for the cosmic prosperity weather. The forecast gives you the wisdom to prepare for the current times and the sigils give you the remedy + the potent magick to support you. Astrology + tarot powered by Pisceanna Priestess. Sigil and Spell Rx powered by LRD: The Modern Money Witch.

On August 12, 2017, Mercury goes Rx for just over 3 weeks until September 5, 2017. This retrograde has two distinct phases, August and September.


Mercury starts off its retrograde in critical Virgo while the Sun is in Leo. The August card is the Two of Crystals which has two messages: balance + money honey. Leo season has been intense for many, throw in another already four retrograde planets and a dash of eclipse season and this fifth retrograde is about getting some balance back into our lives when we might feel a little off kilter. Especially with our money honey. Have you been spending a lot this summer? (No one is saying that you shouldn’t for the record), however, these decisions might make us feel a little behind where we would like to be and add to the topsy turvy energy in the air. Virgos are really good at taking an objective look at situations (especially numbers and finances) and doing an audit. Whether that be related to your life, home, business or finances, Virgo Mercury Rx calls you to go inward to check in on what is, and is not, working with your prosperity story. Think of this as tax season and you have just hired Mercury Rx to come audit your books.

Now I love Virgos, most of my best friends are Virgos. It is the Type A within me that appreciates their Virgo-y-ness, but they have been known to take things a touch over board (you know who you are). For this reason, Mercury Rx in Virgo needs its own balancing. When your inner critic wants to take the pursuit of perfection to an unhealthy level, don’t let it.

Rx Audit Rule #1 - Don’t beat yourself up.

Okay so if the audit brings up red flags, cool. No need to shame yourself into submission on where you are at or how you got here, whose “fault” that is, or Jedi mind f*** yourself over the minutia of the path ahead. Breath. Stay top level. Adopt one of the more favourable qualities of Virgos which is mutability, the ability to constantly change and transform. Allow yourself to try new things on for size without expecting straight As.

Rx Audit Rule #2 - Balance does not mean equal.

Mercury Rx will deliver you the results of your audit, and then wants you to take that information and prioritize. Internally. Where YOU think your energy and money honey should go, not where others expect it to go. Other’s expectation might come up in the red flag column of the audit under the header What’s Not Working. Sometimes humans think that balance means dividing up our life pie into equal serving portions, like we need to spend an equal amount of time, energy and money on work/school, family, health, etc., which is not the case. Look at the Two of Crystals, do any of those crystals look equal? Not even close. But they are in balance. Prioritize where you want your money honey and energy to go, divide up the pie in a way that will bring YOU balance.

I SEE AND TEND_triangles.png

Also a quick note on technology, since Mercury Rx is infamous for having devices go awry. The Moon will be in Taurus for the first few days of retrograde, which feels overloaded  by the technology blitz that make up our usual daily routines. The Taurus Moons wants us to get back in touch with our bodies on a physical level and disconnect for a few days to help us gain perspective.


So now after surviving eclipse season, we enter September and literally flip the energies we started Mercury Rx with. The Sun has moved forward into Virgo and Mercury Rx swaps places and moves back into Leo, where it will stay until going direct on September 5. Our September card is Strength Reversed, pictured with our friendly Leo Lion and Lioness.

After receiving our audit and mentally making a Virgo approved plan, Mercury Rx takes a nice leap back into Leo and can confidently go back to thinking (knowing) that we are the On September 3, Mercury conjuncts Mars in Leo, which means we are ready to catapult ourselves back into the action of the limelight. GO GO GO! Summer is done, school is starting, work is picking up, the seasons are changing, blah blah blah. The Sun in Virgo adds fuel to this fire. Now that we’ve taken the time to gain perspective, the Virgo Sun wants to get back to practicalities of life and start organizing in a tangible, results based way.

The Strength card is a power card that exudes grace and serves as a reminder that inner strength is impacted by how you channel your energy. The reversed position warns us to be mindful about how we are harnessing our energy moving forward. The Virgo Sun wants to GO, put the plan into action, and not stop or so much as take a break until everything is perfect. But left to its own devices, this is what the unhealthy maiden looks like. The Strength of the Mother, on the other hand, knows how to ease in, knows when to take rest and how to serve herself in self care, knows how to expand fully and comfortably into one container at a time in her own divine timing. Remember there are still three retrogrades going on in the sky once Mercury goes direct. We need to conserve our energy to make it to the end of the year so that the money honey follows suit.

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Rich Witch Forecast

“Just as the Phoenix rises from the fire, transitioning from death into life, so too will you rise again, healed and renewed”  -- Alana Fairchild

On August 2, 2017, maraca shaker Uranus starts its five month Retrograde (Rx) journey, going direct again on January 2, 2018. Uranus, the most epic of all change makers, going retrograde can only mean one thing: internal shifts.

Our guidance card from the Isis Oracle deck is Life Restored, Priestess of the Phoenix. This card indicates that no matter what kind of decay you have going on in your life right now, it is a blessing, for a phoenix cannot rise unless there is a pile of soot and ashes to rise from, after a blazing fire has torn everything down. Something within us is coming to life in a hella spiritual way, asking us to go back, to move forward. Uranus will be retrograde in Aries, the sign of “I AM”, encouraging us to go to the core of who we are, both in this lifetime and past, in order to get clear AF about who we are and what we want, so that the prosperity and money honey will manifest with potency.

The Lava Stone wanted to be a part of this reading. I had my eye on a “prettier” crystal and then this little humble looking rock, that looked more like a piece of coal than something you would spend money on, said “oh hey there, Rich Witch”. I’m not one to question, so here we are. Not surprisingly, Lava Stone is one of the oldest rocks around and comes straight from the earth’s core, which makes it connected to earth and fire (our security & spirituality). Lava stones are good for grounding, rebirth, shedding emotional layers and providing stability through times of change. Talking rocks for the win.

The message from Uranus Rx, the Phoenix and Lava Stone is all one in the same, we must return to the physical core of who we are to rise more fully into our spiritual calling. It is in this sweet spot that our prosperity stories flourish. Uranus is going to blow up anything that is preventing us from grounding down, or rising up, and it may or may not target what you want it to.

See below for a road map to navigate the energetic weather of the cosmos during Uranus Rx in August. Stay tuned for monthly updates in the Rich Witch Forecasts that will guide this five month journey:


Uranus Rx starts off with pretty harmonious energies, with a trine to both our North Node in Leo, and to Saturn in Sagittarius in a Grand Fire Trine, or in other words, any changes or obstacles experienced during this period are supporting our ultimate goals, just go with it. Uranus Rx also sextiles our Venus making us feel the good life through social vibes, and provides opportunities for inner transformation in what we find beautiful or prosperous.  Getting clear about what we find beautiful helps us understand what we want out of life. Beauty is prosperity, just ask Lakshmi. These energies are around from the 2nd until the 15th

On August 17th, Venus squares Uranus Rx and we are not going to take $#*! from anyone (Venus is in Cancer, by the by, so queue the emotions). Maybe what once was okay no longer satisfies. That’s okay! We reserve the right to change our mind as we grow. Uranus is also opposite Jupiter, so now that we know what we want, we won’t settle for anymore crap that blocks our way. You may be feeling motivated to hunker down to work on your plan to prison break from anything in life that is not serving your end goal and feeding that big fire. You may feel like taking a gamble in the career category.


Whether you actually act on these feelings is another thing, but the energies of the cosmos continue to support you in working it out. On August 21, Mercury and Mars both join in on positive trines to Uranus Rx. Mercury feeds us a bundle of innovative ideas that have our minds racing, and Mars gives us all the energy to flush them out. You will be feeling hella motivated to  see where these possibilities take you, even if it means staying up all night working on that ritual, offering or business plan. The Sun also moves into Virgo on the 21st so we are critiquing and perfecting all the things in our life and making sure they measure up to Virgo’s oh so demanding standards. All things considered, August gives us a great start to the 3 Rs: Restore, Resurrect & Rise.

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Rich Witch Forecast



On July 20 the collective Mars enters its transit in Leo. Can I get a WITNESS. Mars in Leo wants to be seen. Us Rich Witches are on the prowl when it comes to the creative projects and magick we are birthing into the world. Mars is the “I ACT” planet and Leo is the “I WILL” sign, and this combination is ripe for taking steps towards sitting in the throne of our power. This is a spicy time for B&B - Business (self promotion) and Bae (self care). Leo steps into the limelight with no apologies and gets her tan on with rays from the spotlight. Rich Witches slay on the daily like one of the baddest women I know, Beyonce, but Mars in Leo is asking us to find and strut our Sasha Fierce. #Witness.

Mars in Leo wants all things luxury because, well, we are worth it, obviously. The Card I pulled for this reading is the Eight of Pentacles (from the Lioness Oracle Deck, how fitting for this Leo Party). This particular Eight of Pentacles oozes luxury. There are diamonds, gemstones and faces galore that coax, “look at me”. The Eight of Pentacles is a symbol of working with natural gifts, and appears to seekers who are venturing out to explore a new craft, and are ready to put in the work to attain mastery. The Mars transit in Leo lasts until September 4, use this opportunity to bring in wealth in all corners of your life for a summer of abundance.


Mars, astronomically speaking, is similar to Earth in many ways, which is why humanity has  been curious about Mars and its possibilities like no other planet (which is a-okay with Mars in Leo, who will always gladly accept human attention and praise). Mars has a similar length of day to earth at just under 24.5 hours. Mars in Leo is the opportunity to capitalize on your bad self, and, in the words of Modern Money Witch LRD... then add tax. Mars in Leo walks around with a coy smile knowing everyone else is confined to 24 hours, but She, being divine, has an extra 0.5 to work with, a little something extra because She’s just that good.

Goddesses Enheduanna and Inanna have also shown up for this reading. Enheduanna was the High Priestess of Inanna, and also happens to be the first author recorded in human history. Not first female author. First. Author. Period. In ancient times, when writing and stories were anonymous, Enheduanna was the first person to sign her name to the her writings. This is so Mars in Leo. Put your name to your craft. Do what makes your heart sing and sing it loud and sing it proud for all to hear. Enheduanna didn’t sign her name on just anything. She is credited as creating the paradigms of poetry and prayer in the ancient world that birthed genres used today. #Witness.

Inanna is the goddess of the heavens and earth, and rules sexuality, protection and war. Her symbol is the Lion. Sounds super Mars in Leoy if you ask me. Mars is the planet of physical energy, sexuality, passion and force. Mars is associated with the colour red, which points to our base chakra. The base chakra allows us to ground into our bodies and feel safe and secure both physically and financially. Keeping grounded in your physical body during the catwalk of Mars in Leo will be especially important (Warning: you may be feeling sexy AF. Work it).

There is a LOT of fire going on in the sky during this transit. Not only will 4 planets be in Lioness Leo, but there is also a Grand Fire Trine going on in the background. That sounds intense right? Not to worry a trine (or triangle) is supportive energies. Uranus in self interested Aries will create change where we need it, Saturn in Sagittarius helps us own our truth and convictions, and think tank Mercury in Leo brews up ideas to continue to bask in the glow of the limelight. Keep some water handy because things are about to get HOT. In a good way. In a passions igniting into flames kind of way. This Grand Fire Trine will be in the sky until July 25th.

On July 22, the Sun enters Leo and on July 23 there is a New Moon in Leo. The Sun is moving in tandem with Mars, doubling up the oomph of the planets they are in aspect to. Both Mars and the Sun are in difficult aspects with Uranus, the agent of change. This could indicate that you might be the one who needs to get out of your own way for the last of that change that is coming. With all these creative energies on fleek and the New Moon in Leo just around the corner, be sure to look at which house the New Moon lands in for your sign. With fire and fireworks everywhere you turn, remember to give that base chakra some TLC and stay grounded.

For daily #emojiscopes on the cosmic weather pattern outside, you can find Pisceanna at @pisceanna.priestess and

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Rich Witch Forecast

Pisceanna and I are so excited to bring you the latest Rich Witch Forecast. We are rounding out this offering by adding a curated mantra for the current weather and a sigil to really seal in the magick. This week, the mantra is I AM FAITHFUL TO MY CREATIVE FORCE. Dive into the reading to find out the inspiration. 

On June 16, 2017 Neptune goes Retrograde (Rx) in its home sign of Pisces, which makes it extra psychedelic. We will be experiencing this retrograde transit until November 22, 2017 so, Buckle Up. Retrogrades ask us to draw our energies inwards. Neptune is the planet that rules our dreams, illusions, subconscious, psychic abilities and witchy-ness. Pisces, likewise, is intuitive, imaginative, mystical and adaptable, ebbing and flowing with the vibration. Neptune Rx in Pisces is asking us to focus inwards on our dreams.

The two cards I pulled for us Rich Witches to guide our prosperity through this big retrograde season was the 3 of Wands and the 3 of Cups. Multiple 3s in a reading signify expansion, achievement of goals, growth, creativity, abundance and friendship. Yes please! The 3 of Wands is about creativity and growth, and is traditionally the career & success card. Pictured is a woman sitting in transformation with her butterfly wings. She plays music that echoes her wants and desires as the flowers on the countryside bloom to her song. Neptune will be sextiling Venus and Pluto, which brings support and opportunity for our passions, desires, and our long term transformation.

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 10.07.11 AM.png

The 3 of Cups is about friendship, community and support. Look at the women holding each other, holding space for each other, atop a bouquet of roses. Jupiter is still in the sign of Libra, which, like the 3 of Cups is all about relationships. The card reversal suggests that you may need to start reaching out and utilizing the soul filling relationships with the collective, your fellow rich witches and goddesses alike or, perhaps you need to work through some relationships that need tending in the divine feminine. Neptune is squaring Mercury in gemini, the great thinker, causing us to take pause to reassess these relationships and how they impact our vision of ourselves and our business.

For some, this Neptune Rx will mean literally focusing on dreamwork. Depending on your sign you may be experiencing very vivid dreams or lucid dreaming. These are not just for entertainment value, Neptune is asking you to listen. For others this will mean focusing on your hopes & dreams for your own personal and business success. Neptune will be in a quincunx to Jupiter during this time. A quin-what? You ask? Quincunxes bring unique, unpredictable or “offbeat” wisdom. Neptune is trying to influence our dreams to impact our growth and abundance in Jupiter. Listen carefully, and explore the depths of your imagination and intuition. This quincunx may go problematic if you approach this exploration with a busy mind rather than an intuitive one.

Let me divert off to a quick but relevant history lesson. Sometimes Neptune & Uranus are referred to as twins, because of how they were discovered. Uranus was discovered first and was originally thought to be a comet. Once deemed a planet, astronomers figured that others must have made the same mistake before them, and went back through records to find that Uranus at one point, was noted as just another star. But something didn’t quite line up. The star in the records did not match the trajectory of the newly discovered planet, and no one could reconcile why. Eventually, 2 astronomers came along and without having any “proof” of another planet, no physical evidence beyond misaligned transits, no telescope to look into (it was 1846, telescopes were not overly available), hypothesized that there must be another planet out there and didn’t stop amidst many nay-sayers until Neptune was discovered. It was their faith in their gut, abilities and in what lie beyond the known, that lead to the discovery of Neptune.

It’s like being in a deep pool or murky lake, and looking down and seeing something at the bottom that you can’t quite make out, and is out of reach. The only way to confirm what it is, is to take a deep breath, close your eyes, trust in your abilities, dive down, feel around and snatch the mysterious figure for yourself. You may feel uncomfortable, about to run out of breath and wanting to turn back, unsure of yourself, but you know it’s important to commit to the journey. As you come back up and take a big breath and open your eyes, you look down into your clenched fist. You open your hand, and there IT is. “IT” is what Neptune Rx is pushing you to uncover. It may be something slightly different from what you originally thought, like a purple crystal instead of a yellow one. Or maybe you dove down expecting to grab a stone and what you came up with was a mermaid’s song in a language you don’t understand. Life, am I right?  There is what you’ve planned, and then what happens. Speaking of Mermaids, I am also feeling like they are around right now to help us with that descent. Mermaids, I am learning, help guide your intuitive powers #butactually. They also bring transformation, abandonment of the old in pursuit of the new #somoney.

Jupiter’s quincunx to Neptune is putting us through a similar test of faith, like the planet’s own  discovery. You may not be able to see what lies on the other side of your success, but that doesn’t mean that it is not there, and it may or may not look like what you originally envisioned for yourself. Let your faith and exploration in your abilities, as murky as the journey may be in illusionary Neptunian waters, lead to the discovery of your expansion and prosperity.

For daily #emojiscopes on the cosmic weather pattern outside, you can find Pisceanna at @pisceanna.priestess and

Much love, Pisceanna + LRD


Rich Witch Forecast


Rich Witch Forecast

Today marks the beginning of a new a time at Rich Witch HQ. One of my coven members has graciously stepped forward to be in service to our circle + community by providing astrological transit readings with a primary focus on the current prosperity weather. What this means is that she harnesses the power of astrology and tarot to help us better prepare for the energetic forces at play when calling in wealth in all corners of our lives. What I love about Pisceanna's readings is that she speaks right to the modern mystical woman. I am not fluent in astro-speak so sometimes when I read write ups about current astrological conditions, I get lost + confused. Because her personal readings for me have been so bang on + easy to understand, I invited her to read for our circle on regular basis. And, I am over the moon that she is down. Now we can all better prepare for the energetic weather out there while creating prosperous lives for ourselves. And, now, you can dive into the reading:

June 9 brings a Full Moon in Sagittarius. The sky up until now has been sending us hella supportive energies for planning our abundant futures. The Moon in fiery sagittarius helps us to overcome any passive energies that  the planning stage may have encouraged and now wants us to go start achieving our greatness. Last week, Jupiter whispered “think big”, this week the full moon commands “Be Big”. 

Jupiter, planet of growth and abundance also goes direct on June 9th from its retrograde in Libra. The Jupiter retrograde season wanted us to go within and really explore our relationship with ourself, but now it goes direct and wants us to catapult our energy outwards and expand our relationship with others. We have now done the inner work to be able to show up for those outside of us, like our clients and spiritual businesses. Make sure to look into what house Jupiter is going direct in for your specific sign to see where it will bring expansion to your life. The solar plexus chakra is showing up big right now. Picture your solar plexus chakra. Do you see it there shining within your stomach? If so, stop. It should be shining OUT. Right now, your solar plexus needs to be so big, that to others it feels like they are basking in the warm glow of the sun when your energy is around. That is how confident you need to be in your abilities to make $#!& happen, because that is how powerful you are. Fitting that I pulled the Emperor card for this reading. Look at this emperor, represented by a feline, with an ornate crown and surrounded by pearls. Yas Queen. The number 4 also speaks to the strength and stability of our power. 

I felt that Diana is the guide that is here right now to help us through this full moon time. Not being overly familiar with Diana, research tells me that this is in fact synchronistically divine as Diana is the goddess of the hunt, the moon, women and birthing, and is the daughter of Jupiter #winning. Now is the time to birth our businesses, now is the time to awake our wild woman. Now will also be an especially good time to get out in nature. Mother Gaia is a delicious way to feed your artist. 

Venus is still in luxury loving taurus, allowing our passions to hone in on anything that brings us richness, and transiting Mars in cancer is great for a laser focus on matters that require courage or action. So basically, sexy Venus is telling her main man Mars to go out and handle it so she can bring in everything on her prosperity wish list. Venus is also in harmony with Saturn, which points to a positive influence in business partnerships. 

Two notable events happen during the transit on June 9, Jupiter goes direct and the full moon is conjunct saturn. A conjunction is super juicy (a conjunction is the strongest aspect in astrology). Saturn in sagittarius is about discovering and owning your truth and convictions. The conjunction between the moon and saturn in sagittarius  is hella powerful making this a great time to throw something out into the world that is authentically you. I for one am going to launch my website at this time. Woot! It doesn’t have to be an entire business, an intention will more than do. 

There are some aspects that are not overly supportive and indicate that we need to watch out for self deception during this time (Jupiter quincunx to Neptune in pisces). If we give into self limiting thoughts and emotions, this will have a direct impact on our long term transformation and prosperity (Jupiter squaring pluto). There are 8 aspects that are in harmony with the collective North Node right now. The North Node is where we are moving towards. The collective North Node  is currently in fiery, expansive and regal Leo, another feline (did you know that Leo’s lucky day is also 9?). However, mercury, planet of the mind which is currently in scattered gemini, is in a square to the North Node, reminding us again that the only obstacle that can get in our way during this time is our own thoughts and fears. Don’t let them! It would be such a shame. In keeping with our unexpectedly feline theme, do like Katie Perry, recognize that you’ve got the eye of the tiger, and let this whole damn universe hear you roar. 

Transit readings are powered by Pisceanna. You can find her regular #emojiscopes on instagram: @pisceanna.priestess

We share this sacred work with you from the bottom of our hearts. 

Sending you love + prosperity.







New Moon in Gemini & My Bday Giveaway

On May 25th, 2017, the moon enters Gemini and I enter a new year orbiting the Sun. This alignment feels extra juicy and special to me. In celebration, (we gotta celebrate!!) I am giving away something extra special to my heart! The #RICHWITCH Numerology cycle that my mama has been working with since she was a little girl back in her village in Vietnam is GOLD. 

After the draw, I will contact the winner (hopefully YOU) to arrange a virtual tea date to share your unique cycle and answer your burning Qs. Enter below! <3 <3 <3 





These are the words that guide my heart. My hope is that they light a fire in your heart and are a reflection of your soul's song. This is the Rich Witch Manifesto. 

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"How to be a Rich Witch"

Modern Priestess Quote

My heart swells with gratitude knowing that we live in a time where we can openly gather and openly speak about being a witch, a healer, a priestess, and all those divine roles without fear of persecution. At least, we are not persecuted in the traditional sense of being burned at the stake for speaking our minds and being of service in alignment with the divine. 

In this call with Katie Burke, the creatrix behind the Modern Priestess Conversations, we dive into how to be a Rich Witch. We talk about how a Modern Money Witch works with her own divinity and cycles to receive abundance in this life time. And it is not just about the bucks. It is about being a sacred container for all forms of abundance.