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On August 12, 2017, Mercury goes Rx for just over 3 weeks until September 5, 2017. This retrograde has two distinct phases, August and September.


Mercury starts off its retrograde in critical Virgo while the Sun is in Leo. The August card is the Two of Crystals which has two messages: balance + money honey. Leo season has been intense for many, throw in another already four retrograde planets and a dash of eclipse season and this fifth retrograde is about getting some balance back into our lives when we might feel a little off kilter. Especially with our money honey. Have you been spending a lot this summer? (No one is saying that you shouldn’t for the record), however, these decisions might make us feel a little behind where we would like to be and add to the topsy turvy energy in the air. Virgos are really good at taking an objective look at situations (especially numbers and finances) and doing an audit. Whether that be related to your life, home, business or finances, Virgo Mercury Rx calls you to go inward to check in on what is, and is not, working with your prosperity story. Think of this as tax season and you have just hired Mercury Rx to come audit your books.

Now I love Virgos, most of my best friends are Virgos. It is the Type A within me that appreciates their Virgo-y-ness, but they have been known to take things a touch over board (you know who you are). For this reason, Mercury Rx in Virgo needs its own balancing. When your inner critic wants to take the pursuit of perfection to an unhealthy level, don’t let it.

Rx Audit Rule #1 - Don’t beat yourself up.

Okay so if the audit brings up red flags, cool. No need to shame yourself into submission on where you are at or how you got here, whose “fault” that is, or Jedi mind f*** yourself over the minutia of the path ahead. Breath. Stay top level. Adopt one of the more favourable qualities of Virgos which is mutability, the ability to constantly change and transform. Allow yourself to try new things on for size without expecting straight As.

Rx Audit Rule #2 - Balance does not mean equal.

Mercury Rx will deliver you the results of your audit, and then wants you to take that information and prioritize. Internally. Where YOU think your energy and money honey should go, not where others expect it to go. Other’s expectation might come up in the red flag column of the audit under the header What’s Not Working. Sometimes humans think that balance means dividing up our life pie into equal serving portions, like we need to spend an equal amount of time, energy and money on work/school, family, health, etc., which is not the case. Look at the Two of Crystals, do any of those crystals look equal? Not even close. But they are in balance. Prioritize where you want your money honey and energy to go, divide up the pie in a way that will bring YOU balance.

I SEE AND TEND_triangles.png

Also a quick note on technology, since Mercury Rx is infamous for having devices go awry. The Moon will be in Taurus for the first few days of retrograde, which feels overloaded  by the technology blitz that make up our usual daily routines. The Taurus Moons wants us to get back in touch with our bodies on a physical level and disconnect for a few days to help us gain perspective.


So now after surviving eclipse season, we enter September and literally flip the energies we started Mercury Rx with. The Sun has moved forward into Virgo and Mercury Rx swaps places and moves back into Leo, where it will stay until going direct on September 5. Our September card is Strength Reversed, pictured with our friendly Leo Lion and Lioness.

After receiving our audit and mentally making a Virgo approved plan, Mercury Rx takes a nice leap back into Leo and can confidently go back to thinking (knowing) that we are the On September 3, Mercury conjuncts Mars in Leo, which means we are ready to catapult ourselves back into the action of the limelight. GO GO GO! Summer is done, school is starting, work is picking up, the seasons are changing, blah blah blah. The Sun in Virgo adds fuel to this fire. Now that we’ve taken the time to gain perspective, the Virgo Sun wants to get back to practicalities of life and start organizing in a tangible, results based way.

The Strength card is a power card that exudes grace and serves as a reminder that inner strength is impacted by how you channel your energy. The reversed position warns us to be mindful about how we are harnessing our energy moving forward. The Virgo Sun wants to GO, put the plan into action, and not stop or so much as take a break until everything is perfect. But left to its own devices, this is what the unhealthy maiden looks like. The Strength of the Mother, on the other hand, knows how to ease in, knows when to take rest and how to serve herself in self care, knows how to expand fully and comfortably into one container at a time in her own divine timing. Remember there are still three retrogrades going on in the sky once Mercury goes direct. We need to conserve our energy to make it to the end of the year so that the money honey follows suit.

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