“Just as the Phoenix rises from the fire, transitioning from death into life, so too will you rise again, healed and renewed”  -- Alana Fairchild

On August 2, 2017, maraca shaker Uranus starts its five month Retrograde (Rx) journey, going direct again on January 2, 2018. Uranus, the most epic of all change makers, going retrograde can only mean one thing: internal shifts.

Our guidance card from the Isis Oracle deck is Life Restored, Priestess of the Phoenix. This card indicates that no matter what kind of decay you have going on in your life right now, it is a blessing, for a phoenix cannot rise unless there is a pile of soot and ashes to rise from, after a blazing fire has torn everything down. Something within us is coming to life in a hella spiritual way, asking us to go back, to move forward. Uranus will be retrograde in Aries, the sign of “I AM”, encouraging us to go to the core of who we are, both in this lifetime and past, in order to get clear AF about who we are and what we want, so that the prosperity and money honey will manifest with potency.

The Lava Stone wanted to be a part of this reading. I had my eye on a “prettier” crystal and then this little humble looking rock, that looked more like a piece of coal than something you would spend money on, said “oh hey there, Rich Witch”. I’m not one to question, so here we are. Not surprisingly, Lava Stone is one of the oldest rocks around and comes straight from the earth’s core, which makes it connected to earth and fire (our security & spirituality). Lava stones are good for grounding, rebirth, shedding emotional layers and providing stability through times of change. Talking rocks for the win.

The message from Uranus Rx, the Phoenix and Lava Stone is all one in the same, we must return to the physical core of who we are to rise more fully into our spiritual calling. It is in this sweet spot that our prosperity stories flourish. Uranus is going to blow up anything that is preventing us from grounding down, or rising up, and it may or may not target what you want it to.

See below for a road map to navigate the energetic weather of the cosmos during Uranus Rx in August. Stay tuned for monthly updates in the Rich Witch Forecasts that will guide this five month journey:


Uranus Rx starts off with pretty harmonious energies, with a trine to both our North Node in Leo, and to Saturn in Sagittarius in a Grand Fire Trine, or in other words, any changes or obstacles experienced during this period are supporting our ultimate goals, just go with it. Uranus Rx also sextiles our Venus making us feel the good life through social vibes, and provides opportunities for inner transformation in what we find beautiful or prosperous.  Getting clear about what we find beautiful helps us understand what we want out of life. Beauty is prosperity, just ask Lakshmi. These energies are around from the 2nd until the 15th

On August 17th, Venus squares Uranus Rx and we are not going to take $#*! from anyone (Venus is in Cancer, by the by, so queue the emotions). Maybe what once was okay no longer satisfies. That’s okay! We reserve the right to change our mind as we grow. Uranus is also opposite Jupiter, so now that we know what we want, we won’t settle for anymore crap that blocks our way. You may be feeling motivated to hunker down to work on your plan to prison break from anything in life that is not serving your end goal and feeding that big fire. You may feel like taking a gamble in the career category.


Whether you actually act on these feelings is another thing, but the energies of the cosmos continue to support you in working it out. On August 21, Mercury and Mars both join in on positive trines to Uranus Rx. Mercury feeds us a bundle of innovative ideas that have our minds racing, and Mars gives us all the energy to flush them out. You will be feeling hella motivated to  see where these possibilities take you, even if it means staying up all night working on that ritual, offering or business plan. The Sun also moves into Virgo on the 21st so we are critiquing and perfecting all the things in our life and making sure they measure up to Virgo’s oh so demanding standards. All things considered, August gives us a great start to the 3 Rs: Restore, Resurrect & Rise.

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