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How about that retrograde eclipse season?! Although the eclipse season is thankfully finished, we still have a bunch of retrograde energies in the sky. Below you will find your Retrograde Roadmap to navigate September and integrate and recalibrate your mind (Neptune Rx), body (Pluto Rx) and soul (Uranus Rx).

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Uranus continues to shake things up in September. Is it any wonder that the Transformation card wants our attention? In case you missed the memo: EVERYTHING IS CHANGING. Although this can feel scary and uncomfortable, the good news is, Uranus is in some hella supportive positions to help facilitate these transitions.

Uranus Rx starts out the month by carrying over the harmonious energies with Saturn in Sagittarius that started in August. This placement continues to support us working through higher learning to help overcome obstacles in our life. Whether that be making time for reading books or taking courses in different modalities, know that whatever higher learning you choose to invest your energy in will be beneficial in the long run in bringing about transition. The transformation card is all about finding the access point to a new state of consciousness and understanding.

Uranus Rx also trines Mercury, Mars and the collective North Node in Leo, encouraging us to put ourselves first (easier said than done right? You know who you are). By putting yourself first, you can reevaluate old beliefs and thought patterns which will help move you forward to your highest potential. Uranus will continue to test elements of our lives which are standing in the way of higher learning and focusing on ourselves.

By Mid-month Virgo season is in full swing, and if you capitalized on the Me First energies of Leo from the beginning of September, now as Mars and Mercury shift into Virgo, you are able to harness the critical Virgo mindset and uncover where your true priorities lie. On September 11, Uranus is in aspect to the Virgo Sun which brings hard learned wisdom or unique opportunities for knowledge. There is a hard opposition to Jupiter in Libra throughout the month, signalling that some relationships around you may bring up difficulties as you continue to step into your power. Not everyone, sadly, will understand or be supportive of this transformative journey at all times. In fact sometimes those around us lash out against the change. For some relationships, Uranus might shift the dynamic by presenting new conditions to work through for growth, for others Uranus might just slam the door in their face, lock the deadbolt, and set the alarm.






Do you remember the Rich Witch Forecast on Neptune Retrograde?

This Neptune Retrograde asked us to close our eyes, take a deep breath and descend into the murky Neptunian waters to see what we find, and to trust in that descent, even though it is scary. Here we are at the midway point of Neptune retrograde and the descent,
after doing a cannonball  into the water. That was the relatively easy part. But now, Neptune would like to test just how committed to the trust game we are. Insert Shark swimming towards us here.

Neptune has some tough aspects this month. It starts out in a square to Saturn which tries to impact our psychological game. I mean who wouldn’t panic? You are under water and a shark is swimming towards you. Fear and paranoia are pretty natural in this scenario. You start to think “oh em gee what am I doing down here?! How could I think I was strong enough to do this? I was silly to think I could achieve all my hopes and dreams. Am I crazy? They all think i’m crazy. Well am I crazy? I sound crazy…” Here is the thing sweet angel, there is no shark. Not a real one anyways. Your ego is the shark, and no small one, especially as Neptune Rx is in opposition to the hyper critical Virgo Sun at this time. Trusting in yourself and your abilities with such a nasty creature floating around is no easy task.

Throughout the rest of the month, Neptune continues its difficult transits to Mars, Mercury and Venus in Virgo which stir up feelings of inadequacy, comparison, falling victim to old money wounds, illusions and confusion (Don’t shoot the messenger!).

As with most hardships set forth in the sky, this is not because we are being bullied by the Cosmos. Adversity brings opportunity. Neptune sextiles Pluto the entire month, which confirms that the Neptune transit brings opportunity for our ultimate transformation. The card for Neptune Rx is the Wheel of Fortune.

A reminder that all things in life have cycles, and this too shall pass. Life may be good or bad at any given moment, the key is to learn in the low and show gratitude in the high. When the shark is swimming towards you, do not swim up in panic, keep calm and descend deeper. Look for lessons and opportunities in the struggle and know that YOU ALONE are the creator of your existence. Be the Wheel of Fortune. High. Low. Alchemize. Rinse. Repeat.



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Pluto, the planet of transformation (do you sense a theme yet?), knows that transformation can sure be hard work. Luckily, Pluto’s current transit in Capricorn gives us the tools to get down to business. Capricorn is hardworking, diligent, responsible and ambitious. Much like the tarot’s Emperor. Capricorn is also the sign of business, government and societal structures so Pluto in this sign really wants us to get the larger configuration of our lives worked out, especially with our career, money honey and spiritual businesses.

Pluto trines the North Node in Leo for all of September, supporting us in our journey towards our true purpose and due North. Pluto also trines the sun, which brings all of the deep intensity of slow moving Pluto to the daily details of life in the Virgo Sun. On September 17, Pluto Rx trines both Mercury and Mars
which will have also moved into the sign of Virgo. Mercury amps up our intellect during this transit, making it easy to get mentally organized for whatever plan has been in the works, and Mars, gets us back to the razor sharp focus that is needed to implement our brain child.

The Emperor Card calls on us to reinforce clarity and direction in our lives by bringing our divine masculine to the forefront in order to embrace a benevolent and authoritative mindset. The emperor exudes power, intelligence, stability and action. Call on the Emperor’s energies if you feel like you need help getting your ducks in a row. Between the Emperor, Pluto in Capricorn and the many planets in Virgo, those duckies will align toot sweet if they know what is good for them!




You are now prepped for this month's cosmic prosperity weather! 

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