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The subject of legacy - what has come before and what will follow you - is of particular importance to those with exceptional wealth which is why I devote a significant part of my practice to assisting clients in this area.

When it comes to legacy and addressing our place in the world and history, this might be stimulated by any number of things, for example:

  • A situation that has developed as a result of a past actions and decisions

  • Something that is a part of your history or that remains from an earlier time is lingering

  • Money or property that you receive from someone after they pass away has raised questions and is changing dynamics

  • What or how will you be remembered?


Legacy does not just relate to our blood lineage.

We can leave a narrative running in this world for generations to come beyond bloodlines - especially in our current times with social media, communication technologies, and actions that literally make a global impact. We are all connected. Legacy can be viewed from the micro level where the lens is fixed on lineage only and/or the macro level where the lens is fixed on humanity’s consciousness or universal consciousness itself. We can widen the view more and more depending on the scale of your legacy. One is not more or less valuable. What matters is what is important to you.

We each have a contribution to make in our own unique way.

Through my work supporting individuals, families and organisations to not only protect but support their legacies, I have devised a ‘legacy scale’ on which to meet clients on. Stages of Legacy in a lifetime:

  • Stage 1/Children: Processing the soulful + social + monetary legacy passed down from their parents and ancestors.

    • While respecting tradition, prime opportunity to disrupt old programs that no longer serve the greater good

    • Prime opportunity to embrace new ways of thinking + being offered up by children still in touch with their source

  • Stage 2/Teenagers: Stepping away from legacy to forge their own path + identity

  • Stage 3/Early adults: contemplating the reweaving of old legacy with the legacy they are meant to create

  • Stage 4/Adults: Forging the way

  • Stage 5/Elders: Holding the vision


We may cycle through these stages at given time throughout our life time as we evolve and our own perspectives shifts, which can bring opportunities and challenges specific to the individual

Through my work with clients we intend to meaningfully answer some big and significant questions:

  • What legacy are you carrying on for your ancestry?

    • Is this in alignment with your sacred purpose?

    • Why were you chosen to work through these narratives?

      • Are you meant to fortify them?

      • Are you meant to break them?

      • Are you meant to rewrite them?

  • What legacy are you leaving behind?

    • How does your work/energy/way of being influence the world around you?

    • What narratives are your children living out because of their observations of you?


jude-beck-552276-unsplash (1).jpg

The life we are born to live + fulfilling our sacred purposes + experiencing the full spectrum of love makes up our legacy.

The impact of legacy…

Princess Diana

A highly iconic philanthropist is Princess Diana. She has left a monumental legacy that goes well beyond her royal title. Her legacy is founded on her way of being and living. Her charitable work made a direct impact while inspiring generations to rise up with her to lift up humanity in so many different areas. She would give her energy to those in greatest need with compassion and respect.

Angelina Jolie

A humanitarian that is building a legacy around supporting people suffering all around the world. Giving her voice, resources, and time to war torn countries as a loving human and as a UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador, Her work has taken on many roles from going on many field missions to founding foundations and being a voice for victims..

Will smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith

This powerhouse couple founded the Will and Jada Smith Family Foundation to benefit inner-city community development, youth educational projects and under-privileged children and their families.

The life we are born to live + fulfilling our sacred purposes + experiencing the full spectrum of love makes up our legacy.

On the surface, this is a simple statement. But, you and I know that it is much more complex navigating the waters of our own legacy. And, that much more intricate and nuanced when we gently tend to the legacies of our children.

When we are born into the world, we are totally connected to our divine spark. We are also connected to the legacies of our ancestors. Stories that we are either meant to carry on, lay to rest, or reweave. Alongside and out of these stories, we are here to create our own legacy that gets passed on to our children (metaphysical + actual) and our circles of influence.

No matter where you are on you the life cycle of legacy, I am here to help you as an individual or your family at a wider level navigate those waters. At times, it’s important to have support refining the vision that you hold for this world while giving space for our children to prosper and contribute to this world in their own way.

It’s the delicate balance of respecting tradition while evolving with innovation.

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