Lara-Rose Duong

Meet LRD




Hi Beautiful Woman,

Have you been feeling like it is time to get clear about your cash and all that honey?

Have you been feeling like something is missing in the magic of your business?

Are you a spiritual sister putting your magic in the world?

Are you craving the abundance that the universe has to offer?

Do you want to be the magnetic beauty that you truly are?

Do you want to be the Queen of your cash flow?

It’s time that you and I had a chat <3


Money is energy.

And that is good news because energy is abundant and ever flowing.

It is a matter of doing the sacred work to tap into that flow. It is about moving into a place of receiving….truly receiving… to get the money honey flowing in your life.

Before we dive into action, planning, and the usual divine masculine activities, we have to give space for the divine feminine to work her magic. And, this all happens first by you falling in love with the goddess that lives inside of you.

We have to clear the sacred house that is your body, mind, and spirit of money stories that are no longer serving you. We have to clear the beliefs that have been holding you down and keeping you out of Lakshmi’s embrace.

We have to grow that golden ember inside of you till it is a brazen wild fire.

A Rich Witch lives for the big fire inside of her. And, you are a rich witch. Love is money. And that is where our journey together starts.

Learning to love all of you. Love the stories that live inside of you. And letting go of what no longer serves you until your truest form stands tall and free with your feet rooted in the earth, your heart cracked wide open, and your crown beaming towards the sky.


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