My Story

Meet the Modern Money Witch


Hi Beautiful Woman,

Your experience working with me will be one that is fortified with exclusivity, privacy, and trust.

We can curate an intimate partnership that best suits your goals and lifestyle. This is about you having the world class bespoken support that your life deserves.

Despite your old stories or what your world experience has told you, these are truths:

...The wealth that you were born into holds meaning and purpose in this world even if you do not know why you were chosen for this experience.

...You are tapped into a golden stream that is both infinite and nourishing for yourself and others.

...You can make morally sound decisions with your wealth.

...You can have it all including a partnership/friendship/ where you can be heard and seen as yourself (complaints and all).

...The financial choices you make have a global impact. Together, we can make them your best choices.

...With great wealth, you get to make prudent and soulfully aligned investments in yourself and others.

...You are in the driver seat of your wealth story.


Money is energy.

And that is good news because energy is abundant and ever flowing.

Before we dive into action, planning, and the usual divine masculine activities, we have to give space for the divine feminine to work her magic. And, this all happens first by you falling in love with the goddess that lives inside of you.

We have to clear the sacred house that is your body, mind, and spirit of money stories that are no longer serving you. We have to clear the beliefs that have been holding you down and keeping you out of Lakshmi’s embrace.

We have to grow that golden ember inside of you till it is a brazen wild fire.

A Rich Witch lives for the big fire inside of her. And, you are a rich witch. Love is money. And that is where our journey together starts.

Learning to love all of you. Love the stories that live inside of you. And letting go of what no longer serves you until your truest form stands tall and free with your feet rooted in the earth, your heart cracked wide open, and your crown beaming towards the sky.

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I was raised by Mama Honey to always choose people over money. But, she did instill in me a healthy love for money and taught me to take wise money decisions backed by intuition, wise experience, and her way of working with numerology.

I am a private wealth adviser turned Modern Money Witch because when I would sit across from my clients in the past, the greatest moments came about when we would speak heart to heart about dreams, fears, and wishes in a space of safety and love. These conversations were not about me. These conversations were about the woman across from me discovering that she has the strength, wisdom, and knowledge inside of her to be the Queen of her own cash flow.

She may have been socially conditioned before to believe otherwise, but, Goddess says that ain’t so. Beautiful woman, you got this with the backing of a divine posse. You are not alone. And you are more than enough. Love is money because love sets us free. It is the richest currency around. The more you give love to yourself and the world around you, the more love comes back to you.



And, I don’t mean that in just the metaphorical sense. I have seen it time and time again. When we are moving from a place of love, Lakshmi spins her wheel of fortune and we are provided for. And, there is more than enough to go around. It is for all of these reasons that I have chosen to move the money conversation off the pedestal and onto the altar.

“Sacred space starts with you falling in love with the Goddess that lives inside of you”

We can do the sacred work together to clear your sacred house, activate your energy flow, and turn on your magnetic force. And, then create a plan on how to manage all that honey flowing into your life. We will heal your money stories, dissolve your financial blocks, and embrace your inherent worth with love. By the end of it, you will be looking at life through Lakshmi’s eyes and taking clear, strong actions like a Rich Witch.

With all the love from my being,