Words of sisterly love from my sisters, clients, and mentors


Sarah Durham wilson: do it girl, author, teacher, sacred activist

Lara-Rose Duong is a healer in the most natural sense of the word for she longs to offer what has healed her to others. She has a deep desire to serve and a natural alliance with Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth, Fortune, Beauty and Flow. She lives to connect women with the healing energy of abundance, and does so without the trappings of wishing for fame or attention, but to truly be of service to women who, all to often have been trapped in lack. LR is a gift who brings endless gifts to the women who come in contact with her, through ritual practices, offering them new found belief in their own abundance, and deep devotion to Goddess.


seanna lawrence: head maven at pisceanna, astrologist, intuitive

I was drawn to LRD for reasons still unknown to me. All I know is my soul was saying YES PLEASE. I wanted more out of life in ways i didn't understand at the time. I entered into a mentorship to help explore many faucets of my life that all lead down one road: Prosperity. LRD worked with me in so many ways using so many modalities. It was an all encompassing, heart opening shadow diving experience of calling my power back to me. I came for some advice, and left with a business that neither of us knew was waiting to be birthed inside of me. LRD's heart work led me down a path of living my truth, feeding my Big Fire and creating a business where I am in divine service to others in a way that makes my heart sing!! I entered a student, left a friend and will always hold such gratitude for the beautiful gift of sovereign sisterhood that she shared with me.

Rhea, Ownder at the Lavender Lotus


I was introduced to Lara Rose at a pivotal time in my life - She was recommended to me by another witchy woman that I was working with - and the connection was HUGE. I was in the midst of transitioning from a home based business to a downtown location - unchartered territory for me.

I was also going through a time of awakening, shifting, and leaving a 9 year relationship.  Our first session was ever so healing, and LR had a very precise plan in mind to help me get going on healing myself, my space, and my connection to the energetic exchange that is MONEY.

Over a series of Skype sessions, she led me through meditation focused on releasing the bonds & contracts made in this lifetime and previous ones.  Deep, deep work.  We continues to work via Skype, which was very convenient considering my heavy work schedule, and I loved the intention she put into every single thing we talked about. She created safe space for me. She let me cry. She let me speak & truly feel like I was being heard.

I am 4 months into my business now, and am feeling the shift each day that passes.  I have begun to create a real working relationship with my finances, and the work that needed to be done before we could do the money talk was so important.

I would HIGHLY recommend LR to any goddess needing guidance in this area - she put the Spirit and Substance back into the cash flow. Witches need to know their money so they can do their work and be in the spirit of ACCEPTING & RECEIVING.

Thank you LR…you inspire me everyday.

Forever Grateful xox



Through heart centered engagement with her sacred work, Lara Rose lives the message that we invite prosperity in when we learn to move with love. Having truly made her mission an offering, every interaction with Lara Rose feels like a gift. In this way she embodies a soulful redefinition of wealth while demonstrating the magnetism that draws the feminine divine into creative collaboration. From developing sacred space to learning the language of abundance and beyond, what Lara Rose has to bestow is akin in substance to so many bars of solid gold.