Lara-Rose Duong


Feedback from the people I have worked with…

“Lara-Rose Duong is a healer in the most natural sense of the word for she longs to offer what has healed her to others. LR is a gift who brings endless gifts to the women who come in contact with her, through ritual practices, offering them new found belief and deep devotion to Goddess.” - SDW (US)

“Working with LRD is a powerful, magical and sacred experience.” - VW (UK)

“In my short time with LRD - I feel truly transformed on a deeper level. Lara Rose tapped into my core authenticity and brought my awareness to that sacred space. Because of this - my self-worth and confidence have skyrocketed and I feel so much more at peace as well.” - JVN (Canada)

“I entered into a mentorship to help explore many facets of my life that all lead down one road: Prosperity. LRD worked with me in so many ways using so many modalities. It was an all encompassing, heart opening shadow diving experience of calling my power back to me. I came for some advice, and left with a business that neither of us knew was waiting to be birthed inside of me.” - SL (CAnada)

“I have experienced more growth in two months than I thought possible. I'm still learning but very excited to integrate the wisdom. You have helped me move from a place of avoidance to fear to responsibility to hope to excitement to power and to love.” - VL (US)

“I was introduced to Lara Rose at a pivotal time in my life when I going through a time of awakening, shifting, and leaving a 9 year relationship.  Our first session was ever so healing, and LR had a very precise plan in mind to help me get going on healing myself, my space, and my connection with my wealth” - AB (US)

“you delivered the exact confirmations that I needed to hear to trust that I am indeed on the right path. Looking forward to my journey and our continued relationship to really blow this thing out of the water when it's ready to surface. XO” - KB (US)