Lara-Rose Duong

For private clients

Working with you


Change your outlook. Redefine your legacy.

Growing up wealthy, or having acquired exceptional wealth, looks like a charmed life and yet putting on a show is becoming tiring and you are finding it difficult to keep wearing a mask.

You need someone to confide in because your advisors or social circle are not able to give you the support and judgment free space your need: To speak freely, express your true desires and stand on your own and let yourself receive guidance.

You are looking to experience your wealth beyond the traditional senses so you can work with your wealth and live out your purpose.

There is worry around the flow and access to money as, in your adulthood, being “cut off” is a potential threat whether explicitly stated or not and to add to this although you might be very rich on paper often funds are tied up and you find yourself short

At times it is hard to know who around you is an honest observer and trust the feedback you are receiving isn’t coming from people who are just trying to stay in your good books.

Or it might be that your career has brought exceptional wealth into your life in ways your ancestors, current family and friends have not known nor can relate to and this has brought to the fore some unique considerations…

  • Who are my people? Current and past? As dynamics change quickly and some find it difficult to make that clear in the way they act around you

  • How do I continue to grow and expand and still be loved and love those most important to me?

  • “I’m still the same person!” Perhaps this needs addressing for your to embrace who you are here to be.

  • You are hiding the realities of our spending and holding back so others feel comfortable

  • Who can you trust and what are their motivations? Being intuitive, discerning so you feel safe around the people you choose to spend time with, in all areas of your life.

  • You worry about the legacy you will leave and, whether you have children yet or not, you are already thinking about the effect your wealth will have on future generations - blood relatives and beyond. (Read more about your legacy here.)

  • Navigating how to spend and what to spend based on your own purpose and motivations

  • And, worried that old habits and ways of being will stop the flow of prosperity again. You can quite shake the “it’s too good to be true” feeling.


I will hold your hand as you clear your sacred house and move forward powerfully

I support self-made change makers to make an impact in alignment with their purpose. A key part of my purpose and my business is to help and support people that have exceptional wealth. Why?

  • Together we are in a position to create great change in this world

  • It is possible to achieve deep healing to the benefit of not only yourself but those most important to you

  • We have the power to affect collective change at a global level

  • I believe we are each required to take the time and space to be honest about what is taking up our energy so we can be of greater service

  • There are some issues and aspects of life that cannot be solved with money and these offer us the greatest opportunity to achieve growth and happiness

Personal and spiritual transformation can happen anywhere if you are open - in the back of your private car, in the line at Sotherby’s - it does not require a formal or guarded retreat event for you to see inside yourself and access the information your soul wants you to know.



...Giving freely without motive and trusting your own morally sound money choices

...Having an overflowing heart as well as a continuously bountiful trust fund

...Looking in the mirror and smiling at the person staring back at you safe in the knowledge you are always connected with yourself

...Trusting that you are meant to experience the wealth that you have

What can you expect from working with me?

  • Spiritual guidance

  • Practical private wealth counselling/advising

  • A safe space to celebrate the truths of your life

  • Honest observation and discerning the truth

  • Reducing reliance on outside validation and escaping the “i’ll be happy when” factor

  • Replacing emptiness with feeling full up - no more apathy or presenteeism

    We are living human experiences regardless of our economic wealth. Regardless of your independent wealth, you have concerns, feelings, goals, and purpose. In order for you to live the purpose that you are meant to fulfil, it’s integral that you have a person to turn to that you can trust to hear you, see you, witness you, and recognize your uniqueness and capabilities.

    I am that person for you.

    I will be there to hold the mirror up so you can see your true reflection through the glorious moments and the messy ones. We can celebrate together. We can clean up together. If you are worried if you are overpaying the house cleaner, we can talk about it. If you want to get clear on where and when you should donate your valuable resources like your time, energy, and money to a cause, together we bring clarity to how you are meant to contribute to the world

  • . This way, when you say “Yes!” you really mean “YES!” And, you can say “No” with totally confidence. If you are deciding between investing in an island or a major film production company, we can work through it together so that you feel so good about what direction you take. All of this can happen without judgement and with total support.

Private clients 1:1 working with you

Live + in-person totally bespoke experiences tailored to your dynamic soulful needs as a person of exceptional wealth.

After a consultation call, your private retreat is intuitively designed to match your current state and what is of most service to your mind + body + spirit as you look to arrive at clarity, meaning and momentum for yourself.  These total curation programs can be one off or via continued support

Some experiences can look like….

…some time in the Scottish Highlands coming back to the land and to yourself with guided support the whole way through.

…retreating to your family estate for prosperous soul sessions + presence healing.

…heading to open water on your yacht for total privacy while we reweave your legacy story.

…staying in your favourite city where you can experience both the rejuvenation of work together while heading out to experience the culture that brings you life.

…adventuring into rural areas of the mountains and jungles to connect with the land + the animals + the plants.

...Me visiting you during your downtime on set or in between deals to prepare you for what is already confirmed and open up to receive what you want most next, and then flying out again.

The possibilities are endless and always private + crafted around you.



A deep dive to get to know you + how you want to be supported.

What are your goals, intentions and ideal outcomes for our work together

Initial assessment + clearing + calibration

Full body scan to pick up on areas for attention and to be addressed.

This might include problematic relationships, Forgiving the past, releasing blocks and barriers to two way communication and love

Taking stock of what is really important to you

So you can strive for and stay aligned with these and avoid any sabotaging or negative behaviours


A blend of adventure + rejuvenation + ritual personal to you and how you are feeling right now.

Private + discreet - always and every time.

Examples of client activity…

  • A current client is a new mother and our work focuses on being a divinely prosperous woman as she takes on this new role

  • Another client, an artist, makes shifts and up-levels her business and stays in tune with their creative gifts through our work together

  • A young person finding their own way to exist in the world authentically as someone who is often labelled ‘a rich kid’

  • Also this applies to an individual in senior management who uses our work to support their continued climb up the ranks

  • Support is also given through in home visits once a quarter where I can help clients review and attune to the prosperity in their lives and call in more of what they desire

  • This service is also a good fit for those in the entertainment industries that require consistent guidance to magnetise the opportunities that, although rare, are meant for them