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Custom Sacred Sigils

Custom Sacred Sigils

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Sigils are potent symbols full of energy + intention + magick. They are both beautiful and functional. The sigils that I create harness the energy of 1 of the 7 classic planets (Moon, Sun, Venus, Mars, Mercury, Saturn, and Jupiter). Each of these planets (in classical terms) carry signature energies that are perfect to back up your intentions. These sigils take advantage of the planet's magic number squares + charged with Reiki + consecrated on my altar. 

Each custom sacred sigil is unique to you. Your name is a part of the mantra/spell that is woven into the sigil. The energy behind the sigil is working for you and you alone. 

What can you do with your sigil? 

Mark it anywhere you want to bring the focus of your spell to life.

For example, you have a sigil that aids in bringing money honey into your life. You can mark this sigil on your invoices, embed the image on your websites, place it in your wallet, mark it on the wall of your work/home space, and more. Truly, what your heart and mind can imagine, you can do it with your sigil. 

Your sigils are a physical manifestation of your intentions. A symbol that the Universe and your subconscious can understand. 

Do they really work?

Yes, they do. One of my clients put together a prosperity altar to bring in money honey for traveling. I suggested she mark the altar with the "MONEY HONEY COMES TO ME WITH EASE TIMES THREE" sigil. The next day, she received her first two bookings in her newly formed business. This is one example. 

With that said, it work differently for you. It may work slower. It may work faster. The key ingredient is your belief and your ability to surrender to the process. 

My preference is to create these sigils during the WAXING/FULL MOON phase of the lunar cycle. Depending on when you place your request for you sacred sigil, you may not receive them 'til after the next WAXING/FULL MOON.