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Rich Witch Reading

Rich Witch Reading

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The Rich Witch Reading helps you discover the path to your abundance.

I have designed my special Rich Witch spread that calls on Lakshmi's Wheel of Fortune to give us insight on where your focus needs to be right now to foster prosperity in your life right now. 

In our time together we will answer potent questions for you plus identify your specific Goddess that you can work with right now to shift your situation.

The questions that will reveal your unique insight include but are not limited to:

- What do I need to be aware of in regards to my current money situation?
- Where does my current money magic lie?
- What do I need to do to access my money magic?
- What do I need to do keep money flowing into my life?
- What blessing from the wheel of fortune is coming my way?

Plus: Which Goddess can I invoke to support my journey right now?

Any goddess prescriptions that come through will be shared with you, too. This is done virtually so that we can be anywhere in the world and connect. The call will be recorded so that you can review it later on as needed.

Our focus is on YOU and your PROSPERITY. It is a deep dive conversation where we allow the cards to guide the journey.  

This reading is perfect if you are just starting out to jump start your Rich Witch journey. It's also perfect as a check in through out the year. 

Includes 1.5 HRS - Live over Zoom

Investment: $300 CDN (approx $196 USD/£145)