Work with Me

I am in your corner 


Work with Me

I am in your corner 

heal. activate. magnetize.

own your value. 


Rich Witch Coven: Coming together to dissolve the collective money blocks within yourself that have formed a barrier to your ability to earn, save, receive and attract money. We repair the wounds  of our ancestors to create space for true prosperity. Healing your money honey story with the divine feminine and your sisters by your side. 


Rich Witch Fireside: A sacred 1-1 mentorship container to unleash your inner Rich Witch in all corners of your life. 

For those that know and experience what it is to have financial comfort and yet understand there is healing to do to own and unlock even more prosperity that you deserve.


Prosperity Activation Offerings: Single sessions + offerings to boost your Rich Witch journey. 

These are the perfect start to your path to financial freedom and also provide invaluable divine hits of insight along your way.

Take away the guesswork and hear the whispers of your Rich Witch wisdom now.

My sacred offerings are curated to scale up with you as your grow and evolve in your prosperity story. 


Whether you are just starting out, or come from a long line of inherited wealth, I hold space for you to be seen and heard with love.

To give a flavour of my work:

...For one client, I might be aligning her with high ticket investment options like "should I invest in this retreat centre in Bali or fund an up and coming production company?"

...With another client we are preparing her to sit down with her board of directors as an Isis embodied CEO.

...Then with a separate individual, we are focusing on healing ancestral stories that are impacting her ability to take action today.

My client range is diverse and our work is dependent on each current financial journey and circumstance, and yet, what links each individual is the activation of their own rich witch through our work.

So step forward and let us work together to deliver the same for you. 

I am ready for you. 

In my circle, we embrace the big dreams. 

In my circle, we call in our soul's desires. 

In my circle, we live for the big fire and go all out in this life time. 

Take a walk through my current offerings here to learn more about working with me...

I wish that I could give Lara-Rose a rating of infinite stars for the amazing session that we had - it was empowering, eye opening, grounding, and all around impeccable and magickal. I immediately felt at ease with Lara-Rose and her radiant energy. She is an amazing woman with life changing revolutionary approaches to help you unlock any dormant potential and help you set all those old stories and patterns ablaze and continue to burn brightly in perfect love and light. I’ll recommend Lara-Rose to literally everyone I know, especially people who want their life enhanced greatly for their greatest good. Lara is a truly badass money queen, and truly a goddess at that. So grateful to have connected with such a wonderful magickal woman. Do yourself a favor and enhance your life + have a session as soon as you can! <333
— A.S