Lara-Rose Duong

Work with Me

I am in your corner 

Heal. Activate. Magnetize. Own your value. 

My sacred offerings are curated to scale up with you as you grow and evolve.  ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL. To give a flavour of my work:

...For one client, I might be aligning them with high ticket investment options like "should I invest in this retreat centre in Bali or fund an up and coming production company?"

...With another client we are preparing them to sit down with the board of directors as a powerful, embodied CEO.

...Then with a separate individual, we are focusing on healing ancestral stories and family legacies that are impacting their ability to take action today.

My client range is diverse and our work is dependent on each current financial journey and circumstance, and yet, what links each individual is the activation of their own power and personal clarity through our work.

So step forward and let us work together to deliver the same for you. 

I am ready for you. 

In my circle, we embrace the big dreams. 

In my circle, we call in our soul's desires. 

In my circle, we live for the big fire and go all out in this life time. 


Private clients: 1:1 working with you.

You can expect exclusivity, privacy, and a deep container of trust.

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Corporate legacy

A special offering to support your internal endeavours and objectives including team cohesion...

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Lara-Rose, you are my secret gem
— S.B